Create your own NFTs

Instantly mint your own digital tokens and send to your customers. Welcome to the world's most accessible token creation platform.

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Create and send NFTs

Create and send NFTs in three easy steps, no cryptocurrency needed!

Creating a new pin


Create your first NFT with an image and description

Copy redemption link from a pin


Copy the redemption link, and send it to your customer

Customer redeems NFT into their crypto wallet


Your customer clicks on the redemption link, and adds your NFT to their crypto wallet

Digital tokens might seem complex and you may think it requires a lot to get started. That’s why we're creating Tokeneer, a simple app that helps you mint NFTs.

Easy to create

Create and send NFTs without the need to purchase cryptocurrency or maintain a crypto wallet.


NFTs are minted on the Polygon network, and are easily transferred to common exchanges like OpenSea

High security

Manage account ownership without exposing direct access to a crypto wallet

Plans and Pricing


Try Tokeneer for free!

  • 5 credits when you sign up (each NFT costs one credit)
  • Send your minted NFTs to your customers with a redemption URL
  • QR code generator for your redemption URLs


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Basic Plan

Perfect for individual creators.

  • 100 credits per month (each NFT costs one credit)
  • Customizable username / avatar
  • Credits roll over as long as subscription is active

$7.99 USD/month

Convention Plan

Promote your booth with collectable swag tokens

  • 1000 credits per month (each NFT costs one credit)
  • Tokens are minted from your own branded collection
  • Credits roll over as long as subscription is active

$49.99 USD/month